Make-It-Right Guarantee

Oasis Beauty New Zealand Ltd

If you are unsatisfied with your Oasis Beauty product for any reason, don't write it off. We encourage?you to get?in touch to let us know why it didn't work or why you didn't like it and?give us the opportunity to Make-It-Right.?

Now you can start shopping with 100% confidence you are in good hands. ?And don't forget to join our Glamour Squad to get rewarded for your loyalty.

If you feel you need assistance to pick the correct product or just need a bit of advice, there are plenty of ways we can help. You can Message Us by clicking on the blue button, chat with us live which is another option down the bottom of your screen.

If you want to talk with a real person, call us free during office hours on 0800 OASISNZ (0800 627476) or on +64 3 3121735 or you can just email us the old fashioned way.