3-Step Healthy Skin Anti-Ageing Programme?

Most of us want to look as good as we can whatever our age. And we’re not alone. In a recent customer survey, an overwhelming number of Australian and New Zealand women told us that their single biggest skin concern is signs of ageing.??

The Two Types of Skin Ageing

There are two types of skin ageing. The first is chronological ageing which is the normal and natural ageing of the skin. As we mature our skin becomes thin and looser because natural elastin and collagen stores slowly break down. But chronologically aged skin can still look radiant and flawless – think Helen Mirren.

Anti-Ageing Eye Photo

The second type of skin ageing is photo-ageing and this is basically premature ageing caused by sun damage. Repeated sun exposure breaks down our natural collagen and elastin stores?much more quickly and fine lines and wrinkles begin developing far earlier. Skin becomes thicker and coarser and pores can be enlarged giving an ‘orange peel’ look. Brown sun spots and scattered red veins make the tone and texture of the skin look tired and older.

Anti-ageing formulated for Australian and New Zealand women

According to research, and quite a lot of it, up to 90% of the signs of skin ageing are caused by UV exposure. And here in New Zealand and Australia we live with the harshest UV rays in the world. In fact, a recent study from Monash University in Melbourne?found that?Australian women are ageing faster and look more than 20 years older than?their Northern Hemisphere counterparts. You can read more about that here.?

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All of which sounds rather gloomy. But the great news is that the signs of photo-ageing can be reversed and it is really never too late to start a dedicated anti-ageing skincare regime.

At Oasis Beauty, we have researched and developed a proven 3-Step Healthy Skin Anti-Ageing Programme?. It brings together effective products formulated to combat the damage of UV exposure or photoageing. These essential products will help to repair sun damage including fine lines, sun spots, redness and pigmentation as well as protecting collagen. So, what are you waiting for?? Let's get started!


The 3-Step Healthy Skin Anti-Ageing Programme?

At Oasis Beauty we base our skincare philosophy on proven, robust science and we always follow three steps:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Treat
  3. Protect

Healthy Skin Anti-Ageing Programme? : Step 1 - Cleanse

Gentle twice daily cleansing with a water soluble cleanser removes built up product, sunscreen, bacteria, sweat and dirt. This allows the skin to fully benefit from any products you then apply.

You can choose between two Oasis Beauty cleansers – Light Milk Clear Skin Facial Cleanser for oily, combination or acne prone skin and 2-in-1 Luxury Cream Cleanser & Face Mask for drier, dehydrated skin.

Step 1 Healthy Skin Anti-Ageing Programme? products are:

Healthy Skin Anti-Ageing Programme? : Step 2: Treat

With skin cleansed, you are ready to apply the treatment products to help reverse sun damage, lighten pigmentation and reduce redness. Formulated with powerful active ingredients these Oasis Beauty treatment products are designed to repair the ageing signs of sun damage and improve the overall tone, texture and health of your skin.

Step 2 Healthy Skin Anti-Ageing Programme? products are:

Healthy Skin Anti-Ageing Programme? :?Step 3: Protect

This is the most important step of all, particularly for those of us living in the harsh UV conditions of Australia and New Zealand. Sun protection is simply essential – every, single day.?When it comes to sun protection for the face you need to make sure it ticks all the boxes, so it’s broad spectrum; non-greasy; non-irritating and suitable for use around the delicate eye area. All Oasis Beauty daily sun protection products tick these boxes.?

So, for step 3 of the programme simply choose one of the sun protection products listed below. Then make sure you use it every single day!

Step 3 Healthy Skin Anti-Ageing Programme? products are: